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As a new or potential website owner, you are embarking on an experience that can feel challenging. With a slew of new words, concepts and responsibilities to learn, you can quickly feel overwhelmed. We designed the Resource Center to help you take your first bold steps into owning your own piece of the World Wide Web.

Why Does My Business Need A Website?

    A website advertises your business, provides customers with contact information and hours of business. Some websites will sell products.     What can a website do for your business? This YouTube video from Canadian company Adster Creative explains the value of having a business website.   Profitworks posted

How To Add Social Media Buttons To WordPress

One way to maximize engagement on your WordPress site is by taking advantage of social media by using a plugin to add social media widgets to your website. This can be easily achieved by utilizing one of the many WordPress plugins. When selecting a plugin, be sure to keep the

How Do I Choose A Good Domain Name?

    In general, a good Domain Name is short and memorable. If you choose a name that meets those two requirements you are on track.     Where can I find advice on picking Domain Names? Smashing Magazine has posted an article entitled “The Effective Strategy For Choosing Right

How To Make A Child Theme In WordPress

If you’re planning to make any CSS changes to your WordPress Theme, it is best if you create a “child theme” before proceeding. By making a child theme and adding your changes there you don’t have to worry about losing your progress when there is a theme update. What Is

How To Change WordPress Theme Settings

By using the customizer built into WordPress themes, you can make changes to the appearance and functionality of your website. Tip: Depending on the theme and it’s creator, theme options will vary. bout RdyToGo, Firebolt, and the Pro-How Technology Training Service RdyToGo, pronounced “Ready To Go,” is a creative marketing agency with

How To Activate A Plugin In WordPress

If you have a plugin installed, you only have to activate it. Be sure to read how to install a WordPress plugin if it isn’t installed. To activate a plugin in WordPress Your plugin should now be activated, and you can set up your plugin by following its documentation. About

How To Customize The Menu In WordPress

By changing a theme’s CSS, you can change the appearance of your WordPress menu. Tip: It is recommended to create a child theme before making any changes to the code of a WordPress theme. About RdyToGo, Firebolt, and the Pro-How Technology Training Service RdyToGo, pronounced “Ready To Go,” is a creative

What Is A Domain Name?

    Simply put, a domain name is the name of your website. yournamehere.com is an example of a domain name. The domain is an address to your website. Read Wikipedia’s Definition Here.   Detailed Breakdown Of The Domain Name Notka Domains has provided this 4 minute video that really

How To Reset Your WordPress Password

If you’ve lost or forgotten your WordPress password, you can request to be sent a password reset email, given that you know the username and email for your website. Follow the steps below to have your password reset. First, you’ll need to go to your WordPress login screen. This can

How To Customize The Footer In WordPress

By making changes to the PHP code of your WordPress website you will be able to customize more than just the text that appears in your footer section. Tip: Before modifying the code of your WordPress site it is recommended to make a child theme so you can be sure

How Do I Find Good Web Hosting?

    Good website hosting companies are reliable, provide solid tech support, and have features that you need.     What are some tips for picking a good hosting company? The entrepreneur Lorna Li has a great YouTube video on how to pick a great website hosting company.   What

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