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Meteor Forms – Online Forms to PDF
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Online Forms to PDF

Finally, an online forms solution that exports PDFs that look just like your in-house documents!

Meteor Forms Online Forms with PDF output

Top features of Meteor Forms that you'll love

Fully Automated

Submit your form, and we’ll do all the hard work for you—no more form builders. We will build your form for you.

Embed Ready

Quickly and easily embed a Meteor Form on your website. Viewers on your site can fill the form out directly from your site.

PDF Export

All entries submitted are converted to a PDF using your original paper form layout, so you never have to get rid of your business’s paper forms. Print your entries straight to paper format.


You shouldn’t be worrying about making changes to your form. Let us do it for you! We’ll quickly make changes to your form when needed.
*Some restrictions may apply.
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We are not the expensive option, nor the cheap option. We provide high quality with competitive prices.


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There are many ways to accomplish the same task. We will find something that works with your budget.

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How does Meteor Forms work?

Meteor Forms is a simple three-step process that allows you to automate your paperwork.

Send us your forms, we’ll build them; then you can embed your new Meteor Form.

1) Upload form
Step 1: Upload
2) form creation
Step 2: Creation
3) Embed form
Step 3: Embed

1. Upload your forms to us

Using your scanned forms, we automate the process online and convert it to a functional Meteor Form. That’s it, all the work is done for you.

We do all the work of turning it into an actual online form that your clients can fill out, and you can print out with all the information in place.

2. We create your new Meteor Form

We make it easy by doing the work for you. We take the form you sent us and turn it into a Meteor Form. With your new Meteor Form, it comes with all the features and functions at no additional cost.

We cut down the cost of paperwork by having client information automatically fill in the boxes on your forms when you download them.

3. Embed it where you like

Our Meteor Forms make it easy to embed them wherever you need them online. This makes replacing old ones on your website a snap with a single embed code.

This makes it versatile for even social media platforms such as Facebook.

Frequently asked questions

New To MF?

Meteor Forms is a service by RdyToGo LLC that focuses on the setup, hosting, and care of your online forms. Versus the other competition, you don’t have to lift a finger trying to create a online form. We do it all for you.

We design an digital form that is similar to your original paper form, making it possible for your forms to be filled out online. Additionally, once they’re online, the entries gathered are available as printable PDFs that look like your original paper form.

Of course, you can also embed your Meteor Form(s) onto your own website, and some other social media platforms with zero hassle. Since we embed the forms, the software used to make them work doesn’t conflict with your website.

Yes. Meteor Forms is a service and the online forms that are generated as part of the service can be called Meteor Forms. 

But, Meteor Forms are different from your average online forms made by our competitors. A Meteor Form is a form that was hand-crafted to fit your needs and is packed with features you won’t get anywhere else, such as our unique ability to generate PDF files that look like your original paper form. See our complete list of features.

We accept informational gathering forms such as surveys, quotes, contact information, applications, etc… you name it.

We currently do not accept online payment forms, but this will be a future implementation. If you need HIPPA-compliant forms, please get in touch with Ingenuity Marketing to learn about our solution.

If you are concerned about whether your form is incompatible with our setup, please contact us here.

A better question is, why not? Think about it. We:

  1. Do all the work and build the form for you. You don’t have to learn or use some drag-and-drop system.


  2. Generate printable PDFs that look like your original paper forms. That’s right the paper forms that your business knows and loves or has to use are not going away.  They are just being completed by a computer.
  3. Provide security by SSL, Firewalls, and Antivirus. How secure is your website? It doesn’t matter because our forms are secure even if your website is not.
  4. Make your form Embeddable. You can place your form on multiple pages of your website and even other websites.
  5. Maintain your form. Yes, we can make changes to your form and keep the servers running at peak efficiency.

It’s easier than ever to get your forms filled out online and have them converted to PDF.


We would be more than happy to do the embed for you. We will need the password to access your website. Once we log in, we will attempt to embed the form for you. Most of the time, there is no problem; however, for special situations that are more complex, we may have to charge a small fee for the work involved. To be clear, we have never yet had a situation where we needed to charge an extra fee.

We give you a small code that the computer understands. You will copy the code and paste it into your website on the page or location where you would like the Meteor Form to appear.  If you or your web person can’t do this, you can ask us to do it if you give us access.