So you've landed the big interview. Congratulations, you have an opportunity to demonstrate your skills, knowledge, and passion to become part of a team of creative and talented artisans.

As a courtesy to all job candidates, we have provided this guide for interview preparation. Please read everything and use the advice provided to help your interview succeed.

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What To Bring

Your interviewers love seeing examples of work you have done. Please have a portfolio prepared with a diverse collection of your work or samples. Even if you are a coder, it is possible to have a portfolio of project source code.

When showing off portfolio items during the interview, please be prepared to answer questions about your motivation, idea development and the client's needs. If you have used other assets in the development of your project, our interviewers will want to know what part of the project you performed.

Please bring a notepad and pencil, laptop, or some other means of taking notes. Our interviewers may suggest ideas for personal development during the interview and it is important for you to take note of any thoughts provided. Furthermore, taking notes and recording instructions are very important skills we seek out for potential employees within our organization.

What To Wear

As you will soon learn, our team is relaxed and comfortable. However, given the importance of an interview, we encourage all potential job candidates to dress minimally in casual business attire. We look for personal cleanliness and grooming too.

Important Factors

While your skills and education are important, other factors weigh in too; creativity, performance, adaptability, business etiquette, clear communication, honesty, trust, and attitude.

As a design and marketing agency, we cannot afford to hire people who lack creativity and original thinking. We will always be on the lookout for this quality and expect to see it everywhere in your personality and work.


  • Learn about RdyToGo before arriving.
  • Ask us questions, even sensitive questions during the interview.
  • Keep your language clear, clean and professional.
  • Be prepared.


  • Do not show up late. If you do, your interview is canceled. If you need to reschedule, please do so as early as possible.
  • Do not miss the interview without rescheduling.
  • Do not tell us that you have a skill that you do not have. (Example: Do not tell us you know PHP if you have only done one school project in it.) We would rather hear that you are just learning it.
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