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Employment FAQs

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Employment FAQs

You’ve got questions, we have answers.

We like to work comfortably, but also professionally. We don’t expect our employees to wear suits, but we do expect them to look professional in the office. We dress “Business Casual” here at RdyToGo.

Typically, you will start the Monday following the date you were hired, however, this is not set in stone. Upon hiring you, we will discuss schedules that fit around your lifestyle.

We believe in fair pay. Your wage depends on your skill, experience, attitude, local standards, productivity, marketability of your work, and what you can offer to RdyToGo. It also takes into account the cost of living.

RdyToGo is typically open Monday through Friday, starting at 11 AM and ending at 6 PM. However, it is not uncommon for us to come earlier than usual, and leave later than usual. Our employees can work different hours and shifts and sometimes remotely from home.

Everything! However, certain skills are desirable no matter what position you apply for:

  • Any knowledge of coding languages will greatly increase your chance of being hired. HTML and CSS are the essentials, but knowledge of other languages such as JavaScript and PHP will greatly increase your chances with us.
  • We use WordPress heavily. So experience with the entire WordPress ecosystem is a plus. We also use the Elementor page builder plugin frequently. Understanding how to build a mobile responsive design in this environment will serve you well.
  • Basic design skills using programs such as Illustrator, Adobe XD, Adobe Express, InDesign, Figma, Canva, and Photoshop are also recommended.
  • We use a CRM and project management systems in-house. Familiarity with these kinds of systems and willingness to input meaningful data into these is a must.

We recommend everyone who is interested in working with RdyToGo to apply, no matter the circumstances. The worst possible thing we can say is no, but we will give all of our applicants advice after an interview so that they can reapply at a later date.

As of the 2023 work year, 60% of our revenue came from our website and graphic design services. This includes projects creating things like business cards, infographics, vectorizing logos, designing responsive web pages, and designing brochures.

The next most significant chunk of the revenue is from our online marketing services. This includes performing SEO on websites, managing business social media accounts, and creating email newsletters among other strategies.

While we do many other types of work, the majority of our time will be occupied with these two categories.