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Application Information

Are you looking to apply at RdyToGo? That is terrific. If hired, you will be joining a talented and wonderfully creative team. The culture at RdyToGo is warm and friendly, informal, and accepting.

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Is higher Ed. a requirement?

While we appreciate those who have received formal higher education, we will consider ALL candidates regardless of whether they have attended college. We recommend but do not require an ACT National Career Readiness Certificate for all applicants. There are several local testing centers.

Our view on diversity

At RdyToGo, we don’t just accept difference—we celebrate, support, and need it. We are proud to be an equal-opportunity workplace and an affirmative-action employer. We consider all applicants, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, education, orientation, or any other differentiating factor. We consider everyone, not because the law requires it, but because we feel that it is the right thing to do.

We check for legal workers

RdyToGo actively bids on U.S. federal government contracts. These contracts and Florida and South Carolina state governments require all new employees to be reported to E-Verify. RdyToGo follows the state and federal government laws regarding employment.

What about remote work?

While we encourage everyone who qualifies to apply, we prefer hiring candidates near our design studios. Therefore, while our employees may work from our design studios and remotely from home, we rarely use non-local remote workers (though we are not opposed to non-local remote workers if the right situation arises).

Relocating to work here?

If you hope to move from another state or region to Myrtle Beach or Jacksonville, we understand why. The two cities are lovely beach towns. Everyone should live and work here!

However, when deciding who to hire, we prefer candidates whose lives are already established in our regions and who have a backup plan for when work slows down.

Myrtle Beach is an incredibly transient area with a precarious economy based primarily on tourism. In other words, it’s a “feast or famine” with an emphasis on famine.

Unfortunately, that instability directly affects our local clients, then us, then our employees.

Because of this economic instability, we would feel incredibly awful if we encouraged you to leave everything you know, move here, and lay you off when things slow down in the winter. That being said, RdyToGo has been very fortunate never to have to lay off our staff since we were founded in February 2010. This includes difficult times such as the Great Recession and the Covid-19 pandemic.

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How we affect others matters

The RdyToGo team has a positive outlook and energy. We wish to keep it that way. When we face obstacles, we work together to overcome them. When a disagreement arises, we immediately and respectfully work it out together. We do not tolerate passive-aggressive behavior, emotional repression, drama, blowups, bigotry, and prejudice.

Etiquette matters

No matter what job position is applied for, everyone should have business skills, such as organization, communication, cleanliness, basic typing, and computer skills. Most importantly, you should have a strong knowledge of business etiquette.

What we say matters

We are laid back, relaxed, and informal at RdyToGo. But we are also professional. Our team keeps their vocabulary and conversation clean and politeProfanity, expletives, and indecent topics are not acceptable at RdyToGo.

How we look matters

We ask that all interviewees and employees dress clean and orderly. At work, our employees usually dress in a relaxed, business-casual style. As clothing and style are forms of self-expression, we ask that you express respect for our clients and everyone on our team.

Attitude matters

Showing Pride vs. Humility

It is natural to want to show off your skills and knowledge on your application and during your job interview. However, while we want to welcome more talent to our team, we value willingness to learn, humility, and honesty among our job candidates as more critical than a know-it-all attitude. 

Honesty and Creativity Highly Prized

It would be disappointing for an applicant to claim to have a skill they barely know. However, admitting that they just learned the skill and are excited to improve it fosters trust and respect with us. We also value creativity, not just in your portfolio and resume but in your thinking.

May I apply even if no job is listed?

We do some things differently:

  1. We rarely post job openings, even when they are available.
  2. We accept applications even if no job openings are posted.
  3. We often interview applicants even if we are not currently hiring.
  4. We interview many applicants who apply (even if they are underqualified or if we are not hiring.)
  5. We interview applicants for job positions that they did not apply for.


Why do we do this?
We have found that we get better results and build more relationships that bloom into great job opportunities at a later date.

Because of these differences, we recommend that you:

  1. Apply, even if no job opening is posted.
  2. Be ready to interview, even if no job opening is posted.
  3. Be prepared to interview for a job position you did not apply for.
  4. Reapply each year or when you have a relevant change to your resume (such as a new skill, job experience, or more education).

How to apply

Prepare to apply

When submitting your application, you will be asked to provide a resume (or CV, as our friends across the pond call it.) We examine EVERY resume we receive carefully. Here is what we look for:

  1. More than anything else, we want to see what skills you have.
  2. Therefore, we only want to see references from clients, direct managers, and your school instructors.
  3. If you have an employment history, we want to know all direct managers’ names and contact info, duties performed (relevant to ANY job at our agency), and the reason for leaving each position.
  4. Please personalize your resume with RdyToGo in mind and the position(s) you wish to apply for.
  5. While it is a bonus to have a highly designed resume or one that markets your talents well, all companies expect it to be well-written and flawless (no typos and proper syntax). Therefore, we also use grammar, spelling, and overall writing skills on a resume to measure job candidacy.

have a portfolio

All applicants should have a portfolio of recent projects ready to share. If we interview, we will want to see your portfolio and plan to ask questions about your projects, inspiration, and motivation.

research us

Remember, you are interviewing us too. So, check out our website and learn about our service offering, clientele, mission, goals, and weaknesses. Then, it would be best if you prepared some questions to ask us. Preparing plans on how you can help us will go a long way to impress us.

have a website/blog

Since blogs are an essential marketing function and we are a creative marketing agency, we want to see your blog. A well-designed blog or personal website that markets you and your skillset will help you shine during the interview process.

set up your LinkedIN

We look at the LinkedIn profiles of all interviewees. We review your profile for detail and completeness. In addition, our job application form requires that you submit a LinkedIn profile, so please have one available.

Prepare your social media accounts

As an online marketing agency specializing in social media management, we review your social media profiles and online presence. We hope to see how well your online profiles market your skills and abilities. A well-maintained and tactful online presence will show a strong knowledge of your marketing, social profile management, and writing skillsets.

Apply online

Our job application form is quick and easy. Please be accurate and truthful with each question.

Application FAQs

While we cannot promise an interview to every applicant, we do interview a high percentage of applicants. If we plan on interviewing you, we will contact you.

If you receive the opportunity to interview, congratulations. Some of our interviewees will be interviewed within a week of applying. The rest may wait a month to a few months to interview. So don’t worry or feel dejected if you are not invited to interview immediately.

Don’t assume that things are final. We sometimes take longer than expected to get back to applicants. Additionally, we want you to reapply each year or when you have something new on your resume to share. 

We will either email or call you if you are allowed to interview. We will also attempt to schedule the interview.

Yes, we have developed our guide, and we recommend that you read Monster.com’s article on the subject.

As with every company, we want to be a good fit with you.

For W2-reporting employees:

The entire duration of employment will be a trial period. If you are hired as a W2-reporting employee, your employment will be at-will according to the laws of South Carolina or Florida (depending on which studio hires you). At-will employment describes a workplace where employers can terminate employees without cause, explanation, or prior warning, provided it does not violate state and federal anti-discrimination laws. Similarly, employees can quit a job without reason or notice. The nature of at-will employment makes your employment a continuous trial period in which you will trial us, and we will trial you. While this may sound cold, it is fair. It keeps everyone on their toes as well.

For 1099-reporting subcontractor/workers:

As a subcontract worker, we will offer you varying project-based work opportunities. You can accept each job, pass, or counter-offer per job. As long as the relationship works for you and us, we will offer project-based job opportunities depending on availability.