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Are Web Designers Going The Way Of The Dodo Bird?

Are Web Designers Going The Way Of The Dodo Bird?

Web Designers

Dodo Bird

If you are weighing the pros and cons between a professionally designed website versus an online web-builder site, here are some points to keep in mind in your decision making process.

While web-builder sites may be effective for basic sites with limited designs and functionality, these sites often do not meet the demands of today’s business needs. With a professional design your website can be tailored and customized to meet your exact specifications and requirements. These modern sites are designed by professionals with knowledge of industry designs and standards from both a technical and marketing standpoint. Web-builder sites are quite often limited to just a handful of templates with very minimal customization available to the user. Professional designers can customize websites with anything you can dream up.

From a more technical standpoint, continually updating sites can be quite time consuming and detract from other business needs. Professional designers will keep your site not only up-to-date, but check for bugs and proper functionality of the site, as well as, check for compatibility for all browser types whether your clients are using laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Professional designers will also ensure that your site is optimized for the best search result rankings possible by emphasizing keywords relevant to the industry and your business.

While considering your website options, these are some of the key points to keep in mind and could have a significant impact on how effective your website is. While one at first glance appears to be more inexpensive and easier, consider the fact that a website is often the face of your business and the first thing your potential customers will see. Wouldn’t it be best to leave that face in the hands of a professional that can make it shine?

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