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The Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach

The Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach

Advertisement featuring woman holding a dog for The Human Society of North Myrtle Beach

The Humane Society of Myrtle Beach devotes their daily lives to helping abandoned animals in need of loving homes for the Myrtle Beach area. They provide veterinary care through experienced, local vets, offer low-cost spay and neuter and reach out to local education on pet responsibility.

When they reached out to us The Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach wanted one thing, to build a better website. They originally had something that resembled more of a blog than an actual website, just a long, drawn-out list of updated news bulletins.

They wanted just a few things that went above and beyond with. First was a clear and easy navigation, whereas their old site had lots of jumping points to get to where you needed to go. We made this clearer by breaking down their pages by categories and color coding.

Next, we simplified the layouts and created a distinct look. They asked us to create a streamlined look and design that also told a story. We wanted a focus on the animals so we incorporated large bold text and color with greyscale animals, giving the impression of a hope to these colorless creatures.

Having multiple ways to donate was another major factor that they wanted. We realized having so many different named donations was going to make it difficult for people to understand, so we created a page that helps clearly define what each donation was going towards. We also wanted to make sure donate was clear but not too promoting, that way donating isn’t seen as a must but enough to get people interested.

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