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Indelible Branding On a Dime

Indelible Branding On a Dime

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A business logo is one of the most crucial design decisions a business owner can ever make. It’ll be used everywhere; on your website, printed documents, marketing materials and any other property in the public eye. It is a fundamental part of your company, and is often the first thing a potential client sees. So what considerations should you keep in mind while creating a company brand? Two of the biggest aspects are color and simplicity.

Take a minute to think of the most recognizable logos you are familiar with. Now think of how simple yet memorable they are, in fact they don’t even need the company name in them for you to recognize which company and industry they are associated with. The Nike swoosh, McDonald’s golden arches, Apple Computers logo and the Beats Audio “b” just to name a few. Chances are as you read each name their brand instantly flashed through your mind. None of these are overly flashy, bright or even complicated. You should create your logo to have the same effect, be distinct, unique and memorable yet simple in design. Avoid using trendy themes or trying to copycat versions already in use, logos designed this way are rarely effective in the long run.

While your new design should have black and white appeal, color choices are an important part of the process. A simple logotype should make the name recognizable, colors can convey what your business foundation is. For instance, blue imparts a sense of trust, dependability and loyalty to their customers. Yellow gives a sense of optimism and happiness, as well as grabs customers attention and green a feeling of fresh growth or renewal. Combining colors to impart more than one idea is also a good practice. So as you begin to design your new brand keep these practices in mind, simple layout, simple color, and use the K.I.S.S. principle, Keep It Simple and Straightforward.

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