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Paperwork Sucks, Let’s Fix That

Paperwork Sucks, Let’s Fix That

Meteor Forms icon saying paperwork sucks, let's fix that

It’s time for a better solution

It’s cramping you and your company’s style, but mostly your hand’s.

But yet you just can’t get rid of it. It piles up on your work desk, while you sit there thinking how much you wish to throw it out the nearest window. Unfortunately, that’s littering, and that could get you fined.

I can’t help you throw out or get rid of all your paperwork, but I have an answer to some of your concerns. It’s called Meteor Forms.


Now, picture this

It’s a Monday, the day you’re dreading to get back to work because there’s a specific task that needs to be filled out. Paperwork, it’s always paperwork. It’s your job to scroll through a list of your company’s online forms and duplicate them.

It’s tedious, and you wish there were a more efficient solution than needlessly handwriting the same information onto a physical sheet of paper.

There’s a solution to your mathematical paperwork problem; it’s called Meteor-wait I already went over that.

I’ve mentioned it twice now, but you might be asking…

What is Meteor Forms?” or probably and more accurate,

Why should I care?” as you stare emptily into the void of pixels on your screen just waiting for the day to end.

It’s as simple as this.

Meteor Forms takes a scanned copy of your physical paper form.

Ok. that’s easy.

Then they take the form and convert it into a digital form on your website, much like the ones you’ve seen already. From there, those blank, empty boxes just ready to be filled in.

Wait, but how is that any different?

Well here’s the best part, you can then take any of your filled out forms and print them out with all the user information typed in its proper place.

Oh, I get it now. All the information is filled out without having to rewrite any of it.”

That’s exactly how it works.

It cuts out all the useless rewriting and allows you to focus on the more important task, like talking with an old customer on the phone who doesn’t understand how to do “the thing” that they do to get “the other thing” working.

You can learn more about Meteor Forms here.


A hands-free experience

If you’re more of a tech guy who understands the issues with online form builders, then it’s easy to see how Meteor Forms can one-up them.

Other online forms builders make you do all the work.

Meteor Forms does all the work for you.

The work you have to do becomes so much easier.

No more type-coping of physical forms by hand. No more need to go back in to add one more box. Most importantly, no more wasting of your time.

It’s physically impossible to make it any easier than if they could read your mind and do it all for you. Not that Meteor Forms would invade your minds privacy.

After that, Meteor Forms goes through the process of setting up the online form so that it can be embedded almost anywhere online that you need it to be. Your website, social media platforms, you name it and place it.

That’s it. It’s ready to be used.

The clients will use the online form as they did before and fill out the information that you need, allowing you to export any client’s data onto a PDF document that looks exactly like your company’s original paper form.

Send it, print it, store it, or whatever you need it for.



“I’m sold already.”

Sound great right? We’re not even done yet.

Meteor Forms takes a step up from the competition by offering even more.

Including using your original forms, a hands-free process, PDF export, the ability to embed Meteor Forms also offers unlimited entries.

There are no extra fees for entries, so you don’t have to worry about getting so many forms. Not like those greedy online form builders who make you do all the work. You are your own worker who can get someone else to do the job for you.

That’s Meteor Forms.


“So what about signatures?”

Meteor Forms does that as well, and they can collect your customers’ signatures with no additional cost alongside the bonus of being embeddable and customer friendly.

But these are more than just typed signatures; they are written with a mouse or touchpad.

Just sign as you would usually (except this time with a mouse or your finger), and the fill box will take the signature you wrote as legally viable.


“What happens if something breaks?”

Best part is, any maintenance your company needs for your form will be all on Meteor Forms.

They’re not going to leave you alone, letting your boss blow steam all over your face. Just tell him to redirect that frustration onto Meteor Forms, and they’ll get the job done.

They are lead by a professional group of web developers that can help touch up your online forms if something were ever to happen.

What makes Meteor Forms so flexible is its ability to be embedded onto the website with just a few codes. No plugins are needed, and all the information will come from off their website without interfering with yours. It’s entirely adapted to suit your company’s needs.

You can check out the full list of features here.


So what are you waiting for?

Meteor Forms can only save you time and money while also making the process so much easier. Just give them a call and send them your forms.

It’s more than just any old online form builder or a bundle of features; it’s a brilliant service that seeks to make paperwork a pleasure.

Check out Meteor Forms today.

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