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Graphic Design: Eye Appeal is Buy Appeal

Graphic Design: Eye Appeal is Buy Appeal

Illustrated eye with a dollar sign - RdyToGo "Eye Appeal is buy appeal"
Marketing will keep your company afloat, pure and simple. Your company could have quality services head and shoulders above competitors. However, if nobody knows who you are and nobody likes the look of what you’re showing them, you won’t be making any money.

Your promotional materials are the face you give to the public. Business cards, brochures, flyers, billboards, and most importantly your website. When your organization grows to include all of these things, you’ll need to decide what your overall public image is.

That’s where a marketing agency can step in and help! We’ll work with you to make sure your clients remember what your company’s about. Here are just a few tips to keep in mind for your design motifs.

How Important Is My Logo?

Whenever logos come up, people tend to think they need to get the next ‘Nike swoosh’ to escalate their company. Your logo is powerful, but it isn’t magic! You’ll want it to be smart and distinctive but capture what you do.

Too simple and abstract, and it doesn’t say anything – plus, you risk if someone else has had that idea before you.

Too complex, and nobody can remember it. That’s not to say it can’t be ornate, but it has to come together into something understandable. A lion emblem is a good example of this: styling on the mane can be very elaborate and complex to get across a regal feel, but it’s ultimately a lion and people will remember it by that.

Colorful Experience

It’s well known even outside designers that certain colors convey certain feelings. Blue is calm and professional, orange is vibrant and lively, red is strong and passionate. While this is useful to keep in mind, it’s nowhere near a hard and fast rule. What colors you re-use in your designs are not as important as how you use them!

The key is balance and moderation. It’s tempting to get a vivid and color-filled website or business card, but the end result is often hard to read…not to mention expensive, since that uses up costly ink!

Always keep in mind to never have elements of similar brightness and colorful natures next to or on top of each other. Bright red next to bright blue, even though they are different colors, will make your material hard to follow, or difficult to read if there’s text involved. Light text on vivid dark backgrounds, or vice versa, will make sure your website or magazine is enjoyable to read!

Keeping it Consistent

If you’re just starting out in building up your design scheme, you’ll want to make sure your materials share common elements. Every visual from your company should look like it’s part of a family, so to speak, so it’ll build a connection in your client’s mind.

They see your business card, and remember your website, which comes back to them when you put up a billboard. How all these fit together will build up your brand into a unified whole. Later, when you expand, you can experiment with changing your materials to more be about a unifying message, with design elements complementing it, but that’s for another article.

In short, make sure accents are similar across all your materials. Don’t use a wavy border on your business card when your website’s more square and boxy in appearance, as an example.

So, to recap: don’t worry too much about the ‘perfect’ logo, make sure you’re not going overboard with the colors, and think about every design you get made as part of the same thing.

If you remember these guidelines, you’re well on your way to understanding graphic design more than most of your competitors!

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