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Email Marketing – Avoid a Blast From the Past

Email Marketing – Avoid a Blast From the Past

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Email Marketing – Avoid a Blast from the Past

Think about the worst email experience you’ve ever had for a minute. Surely you know the hassle of sifting through your inbox for an important message, only to be bombarded with notice after notice from services you’ve used only once or twice.

Now tell me – do you want to be the kind of person who sends all these emails that nobody ever reads?

You can’t afford to waste time on email marketing that just gets dumped straight in the trash. A customer’s inbox is some of the most valuable but highly competitive space out there. You’re basically in their personal space, and people either don’t bother reading it or keep it excessively clean.

So how should you handle your email strategy?

Keep It Important

Any email your audience reads should signify something relevant and interesting to them. For some customers, this might not be anything – many people only use a service once or twice, or even not at all after signing up. Your job isn’t to spam them with twelve messages every day reminding them you exist. That’s a one-way ticket to the unsubscribe button or a spam filter.

What you should instead think about is this – what about this email will engage our customers to keep connected to you, and hopefully decide you’re worth their money?

The answer is a simple pitch, something you only need to send once, maybe adding to inboxes once every week or two. It should be something important and crucial to anyone who’s ever used your service. The casual subscriber doesn’t need to hear every change or event you ever go through – that’s for the people who are already engaged in your community.

A good rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t send emails more often than people are actually logging in to your service. If they haven’t touched your website in over six months, it’s definitely time to remove them altogether from your mailing list.

Smarter Software

When you have a lot of information on what your mailing list’s demographics are, you should make good use of that, especially if your line of products is large and diverse. For example, if you sell anything and everything related to the beach, senior citizens are probably not going to care about your top of the line surfboards, and the young likely are going to ignore your water-proof mobility equipment.

Look into email segmentation as a solution, especially if you’re using dedicated email marketing software. With this, you can split up who sees what emails based on any number of demographic factors. That way, you can make sure you’re marketing to people actually in the market.

You may think email marketing is getting obsolete in today’s multi-faceted digital world. But people are still checking their inboxes. It’s just become a space you need to be smarter to sell with.


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