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The Mesh Chair Store

The Mesh Chair Store

The Mesh Chair Store branding

Our clients came to us asking for a brand new logo that was a better representation of their brand than their current one. They did not ask for a lot of specific details, besides the name of the company, they wanted something that represented them. It had to be something simple and bold. We left out any iconography in place of the name itself, focusing on the Mesh part of the logo. This ends up making the word “Mesh” itself the icon of the logo.

We wanted it to give it a light element that reflected their company. By combining the lines of a mesh grid with the M, we successfully implemented the idea immediately into the logo. After that, the logo needed to feel big and bold much like other retail stores. In order to make the logo bolder, we pushed the letters of Mesh closer together and shrunk the remaining text down.

Overall, we believe we successfully created a logo that represents what The Mesh Chair Store is.

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