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Have You Considered A Mobile App For Your Business?

Have You Considered A Mobile App For Your Business?

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If you consider how much time the average American spends on their phone, why wouldn’t a mobile app make sense? You don’t have to be some giant conglomerate company or big bank to have your own app. Actually, although the market is still in its infancy, many small businesses are switching to mobile apps, here’s why.


     Being visible to customers as much as possible we all know is a big part of any marketing strategy. So with Americans averaging more than two hours a day on their phone, a mobile app is an outstanding way to be seen. They may have their apps they spend most of that time on, but think about how they get to that app. After unlocking their phone chances are they are going to scroll past your app icon, or at some point see it, to get to the app they are looking for. They may not even be consciously aware they saw it, and it may seem trivial but look at how big brands work. They make sure we see their brand everywhere we look whether we realize it or not. Having an app icon can have exactly the same result.


     Mobile apps can also be your own direct marketing channel. Using push notifications one can provide sale information, promotions and company news. If you have a smart phone see A LOT of these from the various apps you may have. They either show up on your lock screen or at the top in a notification bar. I know personally as annoying as they can be I almost always stop to check out what the alert was. Not only look but will also research the deal or promotion I just saw more extensively, they are extremely effective.


     Possibly you are in a business that uses some type of loyalty or points program. The value and ease by simplifying these programs for your customers is going to make them more inclined to return on a regular basis. Let’s face it, clients like things to be as easy and convenient as possible. Digitizing such a program through an app accomplishes this goal. Customers can redeem their loyalty points directly from their smart phone.


     One of the oldest yet still best forms of marketing is Word of Mouth. This is still one of the cornerstones to most businesses success. If clients have a constant reminder that your business is there, they are more likely to spread the word to others. What better way to remind them than with an app they constantly see on their phone? Not only are they reminded but in that moment can show potential clients the value of your services. Often times having clients mention a website to others is not enough. People get busy with other tasks and forget or get sidetracked. Whatever the reason the more time one puts between hearing about a business and actually investigating it, chances are they will never make it to the website. If they can instantly see in the middle of the conversation what your company is about, it is a huge advantage.


     Mobile apps aren’t entirely about the app itself. As you can see they are just as much a marketing tool as a product. A well put together app will remind clients of your value to them and encourage them to recommend you to others seeking the same products or service. Even if you are still just a small business, it is never too early to consider the benefits a mobile app might offer to you.


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