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Brett and Kevin Young Are Honored By The Grand Strand Technology Council

Brett and Kevin Young Are Honored By The Grand Strand Technology Council

2013 Grand Strand Technology Council Awards for rdytogo

2013 Grand Strand Technology Council AwardsMYRTLE BEACH, SC. At the 2013 Grand Strand Council Leadership & Innovation Awards, Brett and Kevin Young received the honor of being finalists in two categories. The awards ceremony was held at the Horry Georgetown Technical College Conference & Business Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on November 25, 2013. The brothers were finalists in “Innovation In Technology Advancement, Adaption or Services” and “Business Growth And New Marketing Initiatives” categories.

Mr. Brett Young  and Mr. Kevin Young co-founded RdyToGo and are partners in the LLC. During the ceremony the presenter of the “Innovation” category shared the following remarks prepared by Jim Burton of Tyson Sign company regarding a touch screen kiosk project that RdyToGo and Tyson Signs produced for the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation:

“Kevin and Brett have developed a private web server for custom multi-touch kiosks.  Although the budget was tight and delivery time limited, the product was what the client wanted, delivered on time and on-budget. Listening to the need, they presented some ideas and options, and then produced the product.”


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