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Guide to the Fantasy Harbor District of Myrtle Beach
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Fantasy Harbor District

Your Guide to the Fantasy Harbor District in Myrtle Beach

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Food, Fun, and More in the Fantasy Harbor District

Looking for fun, food, and shopping? Look no further. The Fantasy Harbor District has you covered. We have provided all the details you need in our handy guide below:

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What is the Fantasy Harbor District?

This is a popular question. Simply put, it is a community center and special distribution district of Horry County. It had its start as a retail and amusement district, but during the Great Recession (2007-2009), the amusement park shuttered.

The good news is that the district is thriving with plenty of distribution jobs and still remains a retail and amusement area.

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Are we missing your shop?

We only include retail, food, entertainment, and lodging businesses that customers can visit in person on this list. Please let us know if your business qualifies and we are missing it.

Fantasy Harbor District is ready for your business

Quite a few businesses would be well suited for the Fantasy Harbor District. Maybe you could open up your shop here.

More Restaurants

The Fantasy Harbor District has a large pool of hungry people nearby. There are seven hotels/resorts, two distribution centers, and many businesses nearby filled with potential customers. The Forestbrook communty is ripe for new food.


The old Waccamaw Pottery was a staple of the quintessential Myrtle Beach vacation. This area would thrive with original and creative mom-and-pop shops. Locals and visitors alike are craving diverse wares and custom crafts.

Activities needed

Good places have fun things to do and attract people. Attractions, activities, museums, classes, crafts, sports, and games. Myrtle Beach has plenty of activities for tourists, but for locals, we need affordable places to go.

Services Needed

Fantasy Harbor is at some of the busiest crossroads leading into Myrtle Beach. Thousands of people move through the district each day. There are great opportunities for clever entrepreneurs to serve the personal needs of customers.