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How does RdyToGo make sure that designs will translate well to print?

Service FAQ

TopCraft Print Design

How does RdyToGo make sure that designs will translate well to print?

The Quick Answer

We check these four things: (1) High-resolution images, (2) CMYK color mode, (3) Bleed and margins, and (4) Saving as PDF.

The Detailed Answer

We check the following things when designing for print:

1. High-resolution images: When working with images, we use high-resolution files (300dpi or higher). This will ensure that the images look sharp and clear when printed.

2. CMYK color mode: When creating a design, we use the CMYK color mode. This is the color mode that is used for printing, and it will ensure that your colors print accurately.

3. Bleed and margins: When setting up a document, we add bleed and margins. Bleed is the area of the design that will be trimmed off when the document is printed, so we’ll want to ensure that essential elements of the design extend into the bleed area. Margins are the space around the design, and they should be large enough so that nothing important gets cut off when the document is printed.

4. Save as a PDF: When ready to export the file, we save it as a PDF. This will ensure that the file is print-ready and will maintain its quality when printed.