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How To Change Your WordPress Password

Your WordPress password can be changed in the WordPress Dashboard.

In order to proceed you must know your current password. If you don’t know the current password read How To Reset Your WordPress Password.

  1. First, you need to log in to your website’s WordPress Dashboard. Read How to Log-In To WordPress for more info.
  2. From the sidebar select Users and All Users from the menu.
    Directs the user on how to find the All Users menu in the WordPress Dashboard
  3. In the user list, find and click on your name.
    WordPress Dashboard user list
  4. You’re now on the Profile page, scroll down until you see the Generate Password button, and click on it.
    Highlights the Generate Password button, in the WordPress Dashboard for changing user passwords
  5. Now, you can enter a password of your choosing or use the Dashboard generated password.
  6. Once you’re finished, click the Update User button.
    Shows the user where the Update User button is located

Your newly set password should be working and can be used immediately.

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