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Do you use template sites and customize them or custom code?

All WordPress, Drupal and Joomla based websites use “Themes.” So if any web developer or web designer who builds websites with these systems claims to not use Themes or Templates they are lying directly to you. That being said, it is one thing to code your own theme or template and quite another to use a pre-made generic theme or template.

What do we do? Both. While some of our websites we use templates or themes that are highly customizable we also hand-code templates from scratch. It is the clients choice how we go ahead. Naturally, fully hand-crafted websites will take longer to develop and cost more.

No matter which way we go, be sure that attention to detail and an original unique design will emerge. No two websites that we make look-alike. Check our portfolio out.

While a unique design is important, we will adhere to web design best practices and standards to make sure that your web design converts sales and that website visitors will be able to interact with your website in a commonly understood way.

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