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How To Change Your WordPress Theme

By changing your WordPress theme you’re able to customize the layout, functionality, color scheme, and more about how your website’s appearance and functionality. First, you’ll want to make sure you are logged into the correct WordPress site. Next, from your dashboard, proceed to the Themes menu by going to Appearance > Themes. On the Themes […]

How To Create A WordPress Child Theme

Sometimes you may want to modify a WordPress theme beyond what the customizer allows. In these instances, you may have to modify the code of your WordPress theme. It’s best practice to create a child theme prior to modifying any of your theme’s code so as to prevent your changes from being lost when updates […]

How To Make A Child Theme In WordPress

If you’re planning to make any CSS changes to your WordPress Theme, it is best if you create a “child theme” before proceeding. By making a child theme and adding your changes there you don’t have to worry about losing your progress when there is a theme update. What Is a “Child Theme”? A child […]