Spiral Fittings Catalog

Spiral Fittings, Inc. logo on catalog cover

Spiral Fittings was due for an update for their catalog. Their old one was plain, bare, and was lacking style. We wanted to go above and beyond to create something that was easy to navigate and easy to read.

The first thing we did to improve upon the old catalog was photograph as many of the products as we could ourselves. This way we could have consistent quality control over the results. Next, we cut out and digitally edited them so that they could cleanly embed them in our catalog.

The real challenge was creating a consistent design for the overall look of the catalog. Most products needed tables to help specify sizes and ratios for each client’s needs. This resulted in having to create unique tables for each type of sizing, fitting a little as two or even one product for a single page. We also had to categorize, label, and make sure photos matched product names. We even had to recreate certain diagrams for products that lacked on and for entirely new products that did not have photos to begin with.

This was a long project that required many meetings to perfect. In the end, the results speak for themselves when looking at this sleek catalog.

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