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Our client, SewCoolStuff, wanted to get rid of their outdated shopping website in favor a new, mobile-friendly version. SewCoolStuff specializes in personalizing merchandise through custom embroideries. They came to us asking if it would be possible to show this process on their website, allowing customers to see how their custom embroideries would look. It was a long and tiring process, but by the end of it, we were able to accomplish what they sought out.

The custom embroidery preview option involved gathering a bunch of different fonts and monograms, various color choices, and preview photos for each of the products. This was the most extensive part of the process. We started this with over 200 different products to be set up and ready for the website before launch. In order to use the custom embroidery, you have to select the customize button on any product and the preview screen will be brought up. You then select your color, font, and type your letters in. It’s simple, straightforward and easy to play around with.

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The RdyToGo Team

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