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Who owns the copyright to the finished project?

Once a project is paid in full, RdyToGo transfers any copyright or ownership to the part of the project we created to the client. The finished project is yours.

What about licensed photos, artwork, video and text?

Naturally, the original copyright holder retains the rights to licensed works. However, we transfer any license from RdyToGo to the client upon final payment.

What about the content management system or other open source code?

All open source licenses are respected. All plugins for WordPress have to be compatible with the GPL license. This means that the end product and all associated code is open source. We transfer the open source code license to the client.

What about premium subscription based plugins?

For Gravity Forms and its Add-Ons, WooCommerce Extensions, and other premium services where support and upgrades are part of a subscription, it is the client’s responsibility to maintain the subscription. If a client uses RdyToGo’s maintenance service, RdyToGo will update and maintain the subscription for the client at no extra cost. But if a client does not use RdyToGo’s maintenance service or switches to another website service provider, the client will have to maintain these subscriptions.

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