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Accomplishing Our Mission

Have you heard about “Pro-How?” It is RdyToGo’s technology education and training initiative. Part of RdyToGo’s mission is to educate and empower people. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs better the world. We feel that education and training are a vital way to accomplish our goal. So we created Pro-How to help people fulfill this need and to help them grow.

The Myrtle Beach Vue JavaScript Meetup and Workshops

As part of RdyToGo’s Pro-How tech education initiative, we organize technology-based Meetups. These are small gatherings where people, no matter their skill level and background can socialize and learn about technology in a safe and structured environment. Recently we started the Vue JavaScript Meetup in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. During our first Vue JavaScript Workshop, held on Tuesday, July 10, we showed the group how to get started with Vue.js. This workshop included a review of the Vue.js ecosystem development tools.

A New Beginner Level Video Tutorial Series

Naturally, we want to ensure that everybody, no matter their skill level, can participate in the training. So we are announcing that we are releasing a video tutorial series on the RdyToGo website that shows how to set up and configure these Vue Development Tools for absolute beginners.

The first tutorial demonstrates how to install Node.js. Node is an essential dependency in the Vue.js ecosystem and enables the ability to code JavaScript using modern techniques and outside of the browser environment.

We want to encourage everyone who interested in web development or coding to watch our first tutorial, “How to install Node.js on your computer.”

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The RdyToGo Team

The RdyToGo Team

We are dedicated to help entrepreneurs succeed through first class marketing, web design, branding, app development.

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