The RdyToGo Team

The RdyToGo Team

We are dedicated to help entrepreneurs succeed through first class marketing, web design, branding, app development.

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Myrtle Construction, LLC

Myrtle Construction, LLC is a local home construction company founded to provide the finest quality workmanship and outstanding customer service to every one of their homeowners. They focus on price, craft and outstanding service that must never be compromised.

Their old website was in a jam and we needed to pry them out with something new, one that was like their original but even better. We wanted to focus on interactivity, quality, and ease of navigation. We wanted to reflect the quality and bold projects they take on through our design. We used large, bold fonts and strips of color to have a strong, constructive feel that is equally professional.

With a lot of photos to work with, we wanted to make sure the project gallery was a prominent feature. They take pride in their work, so we wanted to make sure their visitors can see the progress and craftsmanship of their work.

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