Moonrise Solutions + Homestead Solutions

Logo with moonrise solutions with city in the background

Having a reliable handyman is a must in any home, things break down or changes need to occur to compensate for age. Our client began his business with the goal of helping people in need of reliable home improvement projects. He came to us on two occasions for his different businesses.

His first business, Moonrise Solutions, was created for helping out seniors citizens by building accessibility improvements for them. This would include things such as ramps and other types of installations needed.

For his second business, Homestead Solutions, he wanted to brand his general handyman utility for most homeowners. This included kitchen and bathroom renovations, tile and granite replacement, and more.

He wanted his logos to be solid, basic, and mostly black. Moonrise Solutions already had a logo designed, so we merely improved upon it and made sure it was high quality. For Homestead Solutions, he wanted to follow a similar look and let us design it based on his idea.

The business cards were also pretty straightforward. Black and white, all text, and a border. He believed that keeping things unsophisticated and straight to the point was the way to go. So we followed through with this and incorporated it into the designs.

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The RdyToGo Team

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