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GooseBuster MB Website

GooseBuster Myrtle Beach logo on dark background with geese

Geese can be a hassle for any landowner. They invade in flocks, eat up your grass, and leaving droppings everywhere. This is what our client wanted to solve with his new business, GooseBuster.

Their solution was simple, use a remote-controlled land craft to scare them away. It’s safe, effective, and doesn’t harm the geese. Our client needed it all; website, logo, and print work. We wanted to capture that professional service look that captured exactly what they do. Instead of using red like most signs, we used orange for the strikeout of the goose so that it comes off more cautionary and less aggressive. We wanted to hammer the idea how with the phrase, “No Harm, No Foul” so that it comes off as playful and apparent.


For the website, we wanted to keep it informative and let visitors understand that this is a problem and it can be solved. We kept it simple, focusing on getting people interested and wanting to get in contact with our client. The GooseBuster needed no words, but we added them anyways.

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