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We’ll maintain your website, work on updates, make sure it’s secure, and more. That way, you can better the world.

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Maintaining your own WordPress website can be a hassle, why not let us do the work?

A WordPress Maintenance Plan

Take the worry out of managing your WordPress website or blog. Firebolt has all the features needed to secure, protect, speed up, and maintain your website. We do all the work so that you only have to do what you love and better the world.

Firebolt Service

At the start, we set you up for success

We don’t believe that anyone should build on weak foundations. Just… Why? So we do a few things up front to sure up your web presence.

Website inspection

We give your website a look-over and make a report.

Initial Backup

We perform a full website backup of your website.

Set-up cloudflare

We protect, secure, and speed up your website with Cloudflare.


We run WordPress Core, Theme and Plugin Updates.

SET-UP Analytics

We set up Google Analytics and the Site Kit by Google plugin.


We set up and configure WP Rocket to boost speed.


We install Wordfence, Sucuri Security, & WP Security Audit Log.


Just like when your mechanic keeps the oil changed and the fluids topped, on a regular basis we maintain your website. 


We run WordPress Core, Theme, and Plugin Updates


We perform full third-party off-site website backups.


We clear the overhead and old post revisions (the cobwebs) out of your database.


Each month we give you a Support Token that you can use to have us do more for you. 


You just exchange a valid Support Token for one of tasks in our extensive Support Catalog.

How much does it cost?

Firebolt Pricing

A simple montly subscription

Have time to focus on what you love, bettering the world with your vision.


Pre-pay for each month as you go.
$ 75 Monthly per Website + Sales Tax
  • Initial Website Inspection and Report
  • Set up Cloudflare, Google Analytics, WP Rocket, and various security Plugins.
  • Regular run WordPress Updates, Backups, and Optimizations
  • 1 Support Token each month for use on any task in the full Support Token Task Catalog


Pre-pay for a full year & save some money.
$ 750 Yearly per website + Sales Tax
  • Initial Website Inspection and Report
  • Set up Cloudflare, Google Analytics, WP Rocket, and varous security Plugins
  • Regularly run WordPress Updates, Backups, and Optimizations
  • 12 Support Tokens each year for use on any task in the full Support Token Task Catalog
Best Deal

Want more Support Tokens?

You can buy additional Support Tokens anytime, we even offer discounts for bundles!

1 Support Token

Get one task done.
$ 49
  • Use your Support Token on any task in the full Support Token Task Catalog

3 Support Tokens

For a small project.
$ 79
  • Use your three Support Tokens on any task in the full Support Token Task Catalog

5 Support Tokens

Get some work done.
$ 99
  • Use your five Support Tokens on any task in the full Support Token Task Catalog
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What Services Do We Offer?

A: Web design, marketing, branding, training, app development, IT, business services, & graphic design.


Why Should You Choose Us?

A: Our passion to help entrepreneurs better the world makes our results driven offering compelling.


What Does It Cost?

A: Our prices are reasonable while we do quality work. Realistic costs and no surprises!


Can You Trust Us?

A: Our strong track record, client reviews, portfolio, and credentials prove that we are dependable.


How Can You Contact Us?

A: Call us at 888-705-3403 or use our contact form. We will respond quickly. You deserve it.

Taking Away the
Burden of website maintenance

Firebolt is a plan dedicated to maintaining and removing the hassle of owning a website. We’ll work on the changes and updates while you can work on your business. Services include WordPress updates, backups, changes, security, performance, antivirus, logging, and Google analytics.

Get reliable support

Rely on a dependable support system there for you.

Keep your budget in check

Don't pay a fortune when things go wrong. Maintain them.

Improve performance

Get pages to load faster and website visits to increase.

WordPress and Plugin Updates

Always Stay Up to Date

Let Firebolt update your plugins and themes for you. As you know, sometimes plugin updates can go wrong and mess up your website. With Firebolt on the job, you can be at ease knowing that when plugin conflicts occur we will resolve them for you

WordPress and Plugin Updates


Never lose your website

Rest assured knowing that you have a complete website backup for when that rainy day comes along. Unlike backups that your website hosting company offers, Firebolt backups are sent to an off-site storage location that is secure and can be restored to any compatible hosting service.



Skyrocket your connection

People hate slow websites. Most people will leave your website if it takes too long to load. Firebolt will help you speed your website up with WP Rocket. We will run a report before we start, and one when we have improved your website performance. You will have verifiable speed improvements.



Make sure you’re secured

Just like your computer, websites can get viruses. No worries, Firebolt will install and configure the basic Wordfence plugin to scan for viruses and block invalid login attempts. We will install Jetpack and configure it to prevent malicious attacks on your website.


Analytics & Logging

Get to know your traffic

If you do not have a Google analytics account we will set one up for you. This will help you learn about the traffic coming to your website. You can see when people visit your website, how many, what language they speak, and where they are from. Additionally, Firebolt will install an activity logger to your website to log security and other stats.

Analytics & Logging


Protect Your “House”

Tired of not having a secure website? Browsers will even tell your customers that your website is not secure. With the Cloudflare Universal SSL, Firebolt can put an end to your insecurity. This will give your website visitors more confidence in your website because they see that you have done the extra work to ensure their trust.



Remove the bottlenecks

Through Firebolt’s partnership with Cloudflare, we can step in when your website hosting company is having a bad day. Cloudflare keeps a cached copy of your website on their servers.  This way, when your website is having a bad day and goes down, your website visitors will get the copy instead. No more losing customers because your website isn’t powerful enough.



Keep the bad guys out

Firebolt is partnered with Cloudflare to provide state-of-the-art website protection. With the firewall in place, the bad guys are not even allowed to visit your website, let alone mess with it. All website traffic, good or bad, is funneled through the firewall and when a known hacker is found, they are turned away like a bouncer at a dance club.

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