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Quick Notes:

Posted: 1/2/2018
Type: Part-Time 10-15 hours per week. Entry level.

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Job Description:


  • Develop and manage client accounts
  • Build and maintain strong client relationships, using a CRM
  • Be responsible for each client account and the overall relationship
  • Guidance and stewardship throughout the digital and creative processes
  • Present work to clients, with other team members
  • Drive outcomes, profitability, and productivity of your accounts


  • Write and send newsletter and agency blog.
  • Write posts and articles on various websites.
  • Contact and interview clients to collect information, write content for various web pages.
  • Create writing that is optimized for the web. Common web content writing practices include:
    • Succinct, fact-filled content
    • An engaging, active tone
    • Writing broken up by subheadings
    • Use of bulleted lists
    • Embedded links throughout the text


Job Requirements:

  • Basic understanding of SEO practices needed.
  • WordPress and blogging skills.
  • Experience using Microsoft Office
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • High School Diploma
  • Works quickly and efficiently