The RdyToGo Team

The RdyToGo Team

We are dedicated to help entrepreneurs succeed through first class marketing, web design, branding, app development.

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DeCenzo Infrastructure

On occasion, we get clients with ideas for untapped markets, such as Virtual Design Tours. Our client, DeCenzo Infrastructure, wanted to do something different through infrastructure investment. Not many do what they do and we wanted to help him push his business to be successful. DeCenzo needed the works, a logo, business card, and a website. We wanted to have a stylish, professional feel for his brand, letting the name speak for itself without a graphic icon. While we wanted to keep the brand clean and simple. On top of the bold blue and yellow colors, we chose a simple texture to add a touch of character to his business card and website. This subtle texture adds a professional touch that’s not too invasive of the simple, bold designs we chose. For his website, he wanted it to be informative and focused on the basics of each of the sectors that he can show to his clients. Leaving only the essentials, we decided to make the content appear bold and important, focusing on white space and contrast to give it a nice, breathable design.

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