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Dos and Don’ts for Good Website Practices

Illustration with two computers - web design do's and dont's

Practice makes perfect Good web design is no different than good graphic design, it’s all about selling an idea that the viewer can understand. In order to sell this idea, your website needs to be clear and easy to follow. Everything needs to be considered to make sure the idea gets across; from your text, […]

SEO Tips for Beginners

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Getting noticed is great It’s the feeling of people noticing your hard work, caring about your opinions or simply finding out there are others who are on the same wavelength as you. As people, we will always care about getting noticed from our coworkers at work, our family at home and when going out in […]

The Importance of Google Reviews

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So you’ve started your new local business, all the paperwork is done and you are ready to take on the responsibility of being your own boss. But how will you get the word out? Typically, one way of letting people know you exist as a business is setting up a website and advertising how you’re […]

What Exactly Does “Responsive” Mean?

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  One Of The Biggest Words In Web Design Is Also The Least Understood It seems to be the catch-word most associated with web design these days, but what does a “responsive” website mean exactly? If you’ve recently looked into having a website built more than likely most of the companies you have shopped used […]

Indelible Branding On a Dime

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    A business logo is one of the most crucial design decisions a business owner can ever make. It’ll be used everywhere; on your website, printed documents, marketing materials and any other property in the public eye. It is a fundamental part of your company, and is often the first thing a potential client […]

Are Web Designers Going The Way Of The Dodo Bird?

Web Designers

If you are weighing the pros and cons between a professionally designed website versus an online web-builder site, here are some points to keep in mind in your decision making process. While web-builder sites may be effective for basic sites with limited designs and functionality, these sites often do not meet the demands of today’s […]

Conway’s New Business Incubator Gets A Website

Conway Innovation Center logo

The Conway Innovation Center is a non-profit business incubation center that focuses on the development of emerging technology, life science, information technology and services businesses located in Conway, South Carolina. It was designed to foster entrepreneurial growth and sustainable companies in Grand Strand area.  Their organization needs to clearly communicate what they do and who they help. […]

BCP Website Ready For Client’s In Need

BCP logo

BCP provides a Backup Plan that their clients can use during life’s emergencies. After paying into the plan for a minimum of 8 months a client can use the plan to pay all their household bills when they can’t work. BCP’s web design needed to make it easy for clients to enroll in the Backup […]