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How much does a website cost in 2017?

::With website building services that do all the coding for you, anyone can build a cheap website.  But when it is time to get serious and hire a web design and marketing agency to create an effective business website, what should it cost in 2017? This post on website costs breaks down different types of websites and shows […]

Who owns the copyright to the finished project?

Once a project is paid in full, RdyToGo transfers any copyright or ownership to the part of the project we created to the client. The finished project is yours. What about licensed photos, artwork, video and text? Naturally, the original copyright holder retains the rights to licensed works. However, we transfer any license from RdyToGo to the […]

Do you provide stock photos and/or photography services?

In short, Yes. Not only can we provide these services, but we will gladly work with any photographer or photos you provide so long as, (1) they are high quality, and (2) you have ownership or the license to use them. Which should be used, stock or original photography? We encourage our clients to use […]

Do you provide SEO?

RdyToGo does Search Engine Optimization. When building your website we do your initial on-page SEO. That means that we will include keywords and code the website in a way that search engines like. In addition to the initial on-page SEO, we offer a separate SEO/SEM service that you can use to help rank better. We […]

How do you bill; hourly or per project?

We charge differently based on the service: Design related services; for web, logo, print, and graphic design we usually charge per project. After our initial consultation we will quote you with a price per project. Website hosting; We usually charge annually. Website maintenance; We offer monthly and yearly payment options. SSL Certificates; We can charge annually, as well as, […]

What is your average turnaround time per project?

Good question. Each project is different in terms of size, needs, and collaboration. We will quote a timeframe before starting with a new client. But most website projects are complete in about 4 weeks. Really, we can get most websites done even faster, but our speed requires the client to provide materials and information on […]

Do you design mobile friendly or responsive websites?

Yes. In fact we were one of the first website design agency to build responsive websites in the Grand Strand. That being said, it is now easy to build responsive websites and any website designer worth their salt will automatically do so.

Will my website look the same on all browsers and devices?

RdyToGo tests our website designs on the most popular browsers, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox, to make sure that each website appears in a visually similar style. We do not promise a 100% pixel for pixel equivalence but the design will be very close. Naturally, your website will be responsive to […]

Do you actually do the design work?

Yes. We have graphic designers and illustrators on staff in our studios. We do not outsource design work. If we use a template for a project, our in-house designers will make sure of the attention to detail and a unique look. We will, at the client’s request, work with a designer of their choosing to complete the project. […]

Do you use template sites and customize them or custom code?

All WordPress, Drupal and Joomla based websites use “Themes.” So if any web developer or web designer who builds websites with these systems claims to not use Themes or Templates they are lying directly to you. That being said, it is one thing to code your own theme or template and quite another to use a […]